Ice Formations in the New Year


Happy New Year

Here in Western NC, we are experiencing a stretch of extraordinarily cold weather that is generating some incredible ice formations. The patterns I am finding out in the natural world are inspiring my engagement with clients as we seek to reveal patterns in their businesses. We work together to identify the ones that are the key to their success, as well as ones that might be the key to what is holding them back from the next level.  I cherish winter for this very reason, it is the time when many of our clients hunker down and “do the work” on their business that they are often distracted from, or avoiding doing, throughout the rest of the year. Wishing you all the best in 2018, may it be a year in which you and your venture come to know each other in new ways. Remember that Birds Eye is here for you throughout all of the seasons of your entrepreneurial journey.

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Annie Price