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Can you recall the first challenge that kept you up at night as a business owner?  Maybe it was one of these common ones:

  • Something is off, how do we figure out what it is, and then course correct?

  • Are we clear on where we are going and is everyone on the team invested in our vision?

  • What happened to the passion that led us to start this business in the first place?

  • Are we being honest about our cash flow situation?

  • How in the world will we actually fulfill the promises we have made?

  • Should we expand or go more niche?

  • How do we set tangible goals to which we actually stay accountable?

  • Am I building the capacity of my employees so I can become more free?  

  • We have more business than I have any idea what to do with. What do we do?

  • Will I ever sleep again?

Asheville Business Planning

Our work with our clients often centralizes around seeking answers to these middle- of-the-night ruminations.  Through our ongoing coaching and consulting program we commit ourselves to helping you see these challenges from all angles. We help you view them from the inside out and the outside in, and then work together to overcome them in ways that are aligned with your long term vision and the resources you have to commit to them. We are adept at facilitating the hard conversations, running the numbers, redesigning brand identities, vetting emerging opportunities, and visioning new spaces. But in order to effectively do any of these things we start by listening, learning, and committing ourselves to your working definition of success.

We support business owners through the following services:


Choosing to work with Birds Eye was a gift to our business for our 10 year anniversary. Annie has guided me into the right headspace in order to accept the powerful position of leadership, create and maintain a strong culture, and preserve the vision and the discipline needed for success. I love the team and really believe that they are championing my success and respect me and my business tremendously.

Not sure where to start? For clients who want to work with us one-on-one, we begin with a process of assessment. Learn more here: