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Small businesses, and the organizations that support them, are an essential part of the economic landscape. At Birds Eye, we recognize and understand both the power held within small business communities as well as the struggles they face. Through becoming a Birds Eye Canopy site, your organization will receive access to ongoing support, training, and resources to help build skills and connections amongst  local entrepreneurs.

We can support you in the following ways:

Curriculum Licensing and Facilitator Training

Organizations and businesses are invited to license the Birds Eye Curriculum. This time-tested curriculum has been honed over 25 years, served over 10,000 aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, and is continuously updated to keep content fresh and relevant to the current needs of today’s entrepreneurs. Every licensing agreement includes our “facilitator learning days” during which one of our experienced team members will train your team in the facilitation techniques that we have found to be most effective. We also offer ongoing support during the term of the license. We are proud of our curriculum licensing programs with organizations like Mountain BizWorks in Asheville, NC and NEOEDD in Enterprise, Oregon. Contact us to learn more about curriculum licensing and go here to see an overview of our curricula.

The first time I met and worked with Annie Milroy Price, it was like a lightbulb went off! I was an attendee in the 6 week Foundations course and then was privileged to work with her professionally as we selected and developed a specific farmer curriculum. When you work with Annie, it isn’t just the words she uses that impress, but her graceful and authentic expression of those concepts that hits you so deeply. Each time I walk away from working with her, I have gained confidence and have something specific to strive for and achieve.
Nicole Delcogliano of Organic Growers School

Not sure where to start? For clients who want to work with us one-on-one, we begin with a process of assessment. Learn more here: