Customized Retreats for Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Organizations

Annie Milroy Price Business Coach

We offer customized strategic planning retreats for entrepreneurs, organizations, and purpose-driven groups. These experiences give folks the chance to step out of the blinders of day-to-day operations for a time to restore, reflect, regroup, brainstorm, plan, vision, and connect. We are able to design everything from a solo adventure for an entrepreneur who needs to completely unplug and think undistracted to a full team experience.

Retreats can range from 1-5 days, depending on the number and depth of tasks at hand. We recommend building in time for true restoration to take hold on the front end so that we can then shift into highly productive work together, detached from daily distractions.

Here are examples of some of the benefits that our retreats can offer:

  • a renewed sense of work ethic and commitment amongst the team

  • reconnection to (or redesign of) mission, vision, and core values

  • generation and development of well-aligned new business models

  • deeper understanding of the patterns and habits that have held the venture back

  • creation of clear and attainable goals for the future

  • fresh perspective on the roles and responsibilities needed to fulfill goals

We are based in beautiful Asheville, NC and the surrounding area is filled with unique places to host such a retreat. We are happy to help you determine a location and connect you to all that this area has to offer, and can help source delicious food and unique recreational experiences to round out the planning portion of your retreat. We are also happy to come to you or brainstorm a new location, maybe one on your bucket list.

If you would like to have a conversation about customizing a retreat for your team, please contact us.

If you are curious about attending a Birds Eye led retreat with a group of entrepreneurs from various types of organizations and businesses, check out our upcoming retreats.