Birds Eye Assessment

Birds Eye Assessment (BEA)

Business Assessment Asheville

Your customized Birds Eye support begins with a comprehensive assessment in which we gain understanding and offer insight regarding where you are in relation to all areas of the business concept or existing business or organization. This generally includes a baseline review of financials, operations, sales, marketing, and Research & Leadership Development unless you are already clear on a specific area you want us to give full attention.

Your investment includes:

  • Review of your pre-assessment form and all marketing and financial resources you share prior to our session.

  • A 90-minute to 2 hour in-person or virtual session with lead consultant Annie Milroy Price utilizing the Birds Eye Approach to gain insight and understanding of the challenges and opportunities you are facing.

  • A follow-up written assessment with resources and next steps that you will receive within 5 business days.

Our BEA sessions give clients the opportunity to assess where they have been, where they are now, and where they hope to go in the future, while receiving honest feedback and sound boarding support. Often this process alone helps clients to clear out poorly-aligned ideas, products, or services that are money, time, or energy suckers. The return on investment is substantial as we work to create clarity and traction around the ideas and opportunities that are ready to flourish. Our assessments help us determine a customized course of action depending on your needs and will mirror back to you the key highlights of what you have shared in your session.

Financial Investment: These range from $500-1000 depending on the size and maturity of your business. If you would like to continue receiving support after your investment, we will custom design a monthly coaching or consulting program for you. Check out our ongoing individual coaching and our business coaching.

Quarterly (Seasonal) Focus Session Program

Often we serve as accountability partners and ongoing sounding boards for our clients. We offer our quarterly focus sessions to help our clients stay on track with their long-term goals, assist in decision-making processes, or brainstorm new ideas. These sessions are a great opportunity to receive honest feedback and tap into ongoing support. Some clients use these sessions to brainstorm new ideas or gain assistance in key decision-making. One client referred to these types of sessions as their chance to “rent a boss” when they feel alone or stuck in their leadership journey. Clients also appreciate the balance of structure and space that this program provides. These begin with a Birds Eye Assessment as described above and includes four sessions in the calendar year, coupled with a shared journal in which you can submit progress and receive feedback monthly.

Financial Investment: These range from $1600-$5000 for an annual commitment to 4 quarterly sessions depending on the size of the team and complexity of the business model.  

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