Birds Eye Approach

Our core focus is to help entrepreneurs and leaders gain an aerial understanding of their business or organization and of the landscapes in which they operate and create impact.

Why is this so important?

If you have ever traveled by air you may recall that moment when the plane took off, the tires separated from the runway… the world fell away softly and a hush came over the cabin. You stopped hearing the anxieties and hubbub of everyday life and started noticing the landscape extending out before you. First you probably saw the grid of the city below, then looked off to see a distant lake or forest. Soon, you were seeing patterns of farmland or the craggy zigzag of an ancient mountain range.

From this altitude, it’s almost impossible not to see things in a new way. Your awareness shifts to new ideas. You begin to see yourself in the context of a larger ecosystem. And as you fly along, you’re likely to get a new perspective from the people around you, gaining insights from whoever happens to be seated next to you on that particular flight. Then, finally, as you land at your destination, it feels so good to feel those tires hit pavement again — to feel grounded and ready for your next adventure.

Your entrepreneurial journey is not so different. At Birds Eye, we’re firm believers that successful small businesses are evolved through a balance of launching and grounding, of both creative visioning and strategic tactical work. We also greatly value that the people surrounding an entrepreneur can be remarkable sources of energy, guidance, and support.

The majority of our work takes place with businesses and organizations that are operating within these sectors:

Business Planning Art Craft Design

Art, Craft & Design

Business Coaching Wellness and Adventure

Wellness & Adventure

Business Coaching Food and Farming

Food Systems & Farming


Through our experience, we see these sectors to be primary drivers in generating creativity and connection with communities.  We are also particularly impassioned by and committed to social enterprises and we work diligently to uphold the promises they are making to themselves, their teams,  their stakeholders, and their customers.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur yourself, or you’re with an organization that supports small business or these focus areas, we would love to help you gain a new perspective on what’s possible.