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Are you an aspiring or existing entrepreneur who does not have the time or resources to participate in a class, retreat, or ongoing one-on-one coaching? Or maybe you know that what you really need is time alone to think deeply and critically about your unique situation.  At Birds Eye, we believe that self-guided reflection is equally critical to your success. We have developed a collection of resources for you to receive support from us from a distance.

Birds Eye Financial Tools

This online self-guided course is hosted on the Thinkific learning platform and is what we refer to as your “dream pad”.  It is where you can vet the concept through cash flow projections and really become clear on whether your business concept is financially viable before you invest fully in bringing it into market.  This resource is at the heart of our popular Foundations course and many long-term entrepreneurs tell us that they return to this tool every time they want to think through possibilities and see how multiple lines of business can come together in a comprehensive financial forecast.  The financial investment of $99 yields exponential returns in the understanding and financial skill-building you gain from this process.

Solo Retreat Resources

Business Retreats

Years ago our founder and entrepreneur, Annie Milroy Price, began dedicating time in her calendar for solo retreats. She had been working with clients on traditional business planning practices for a long time and had been tracking what were some of the core impediments to them truly gaining traction in accomplishing their goals. She started going on solo retreat to see what could happen when we give ourselves time to restore, reflect, create, and connect.  These four tenets have become the heart of the solo retreat guide as well as the basis of our group retreats. We encourage you to discover what can happen when you create space and time for yourself and your venture outside of normal time, even if you have just $100 and 24 hours.

If you would like to receive a hybrid of self-guided resources and Birds Eye coaching for accountability and inspiration along the way, go to our customized coaching page and consider if getting started with a Birds Eye Assessment is right for you.

Not sure where to start? For clients who want to work with us one-on-one, we begin with a process of assessment. Learn more here:

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Into the Wilderness

The process of surrendering is not always so graceful for us entrepreneurs and yet when we do engage in it, new wilderness pathways of thinking and feeling emerge and often feed our ventures well.

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