Coaching for Individuals

Business Consulting Asheville

Are you considering starting a business and are seeking one-on-one support on the path ahead? Or maybe you have been in business for awhile and don’t need coaching and consulting for the whole team but rather for you as you navigate your own entrepreneurial journey within the business.  Our individual coaching program is designed to meet you where you are. We begin by gaining an understanding of your personal working definition of success and of what quality support looks and feels like to you and design your program accordingly.

Here are examples of how we work with clients in our individual coaching:

  • Developing the right business model and plan for a product or service you have been testing in the market.

  • Working through adaptive and technical challenges that are arising as a result of stepping into entrepreneurship.  

  • Gaining understanding of your attachments, aversions, patterns, and passions within your role and working to realign your responsibilities accordingly.

  • Vetting new ideas and working through them in relation to the mission and vision of the business, financials, operations, and marketing before taking them to the rest of the team. (This process can save you and the business hours of time and buckets of money).

  • Serving as a soundboard and trusted confidante for the not-so-lovely stuff that shows up along our path as entrepreneurs and leaders, as well as shining light on the really lovely things that do too.

Business Coaching Asheville

The process to become one of our coaching clients begins with one of our Birds Eye Assessments.  From there, we determine the appropriate length of time and delivery methods for ongoing coaching in order to make substantial progress, personally and professionally. Some clients prefer weekly face-to-face time, others prefer once a month longer sessions coupled with shared writing in between.  We will work out what is right for you.

Contact us for information on current availability and pricing.