Customized Coaching

Customized Business Coaching

The entrepreneurial journey can be riddled with loneliness — especially at pivotal moments of despair or delight. Our approach is holistic and not only focuses on increasing concrete business skills and capacity, but also provides a soundboard along the way. Birds Eye offers professional and personal development for entrepreneurs both in-person and virtually.

To determine whether we are a good fit for ongoing support, we invite clients to begin with one of our Birds Eye Assessments.  Once we have had the chance to learn about your company culture and history, your current opportunities and challenges, and your vision for the future, we then customize a coaching program that typically lasts 3 months to 1 year long.

Here are a few examples of the many ways we support our clients through our ongoing coaching program:

  • Casting or recasting mission, vision, and core values and applying these to daily decision-making

  • Facilitating hard conversations so that we can move towards the long-term goals with greater ease

  • Conducting site visits, visioning out spaces, and developing expansion plans

  • Acting as a soundboard to assist entrepreneurs to determining the right next step

  • Generating cash flow projections for the future while assessing financials to date

  • Developing agendas and facilitating team sessions that give participants opportunities to restore, reflect on key learnings, create new ideas, and connect into measurable action

  • Serving a confidante for you and any team members who need support in navigating through rough terrain

Customized Business Coaching

For some clients we meet in-person or virtually once a week, for others we meet once a month and the rest of our work is through our online journal and check-in calls. We generate a rhythm for our work together that is in line with your needs.

Financial Investment: Customized coaching programs for existing entrepreneurs begin at $750 per month depending on business complexity and size.

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Journal Feature:
Simply Hanging On

Asheville Small Business

“When we are stressed (physically, mentally, emotionally) we simply cannot fully trust our decision-making abilities. This is the very reason why our mission in our Birds Eye Adventures is to offer opportunities for our clients to Restore, Reflect, Create, and Connect and why this particular order is imperative.”