SPACE Emerging


Season’s Greetings from Birds Eye

Over the years, I have enjoyed exchanging words with others who maintain the tradition of declaring a word in honor of the New Year, something to hang our hopes on and help clarify direction. This month, instead, I am backcasting from this late-in-the-year vantage point and am declaring a word that has emerged as a theme for Birds Eye as of late.

S p a c e

For the first half of this year, much of my focus was on the design and creation of two physical structures where Birds Eye could ground down a bit. Then, as soon as those spaces became ready, I decided to fly both coops and set up a more private dedicated Birds Eye nest in a farmhouse a few miles down the road, freeing up the first two spaces for others to enjoy. I have loved the messy details of this process and the senses of freedom and creativity that have arisen along the way. Simultaneously, through Birds Eye’s client work, we have been generating opportunities in these and other unique spaces for entrepreneurs and leaders to connect in meaningful ways through our custom-designed retreats and workshops.

And yet, like any word we deem compelling, space is multi-faceted enough to keep my attention for more than a passing minute. In recent weeks, I have detected a pattern amongst our clients in their collective desire for more space, particularly those who have been around the sun a few times or more with their venture. Much of our work this year has consisted of helping clients comprehensively vet expansion plans, and the surrounding financials, while simultaneously building leadership capacity of existing employees so that the owners can free up space in their own lives.

In turn, over the past month, I have been actively making space in my own calendar, office, cash flow, mind, and heart for a prolonged winter’s date with this sometimes intimidating concept of space.

{What do we do with it once we create it?}

And while I am looking forward to discovering what is around the bend come spring, I am in no rush to in-fill, but rather to give detail to my vision to create more beautiful spaces with and for others to enjoy in accordance with this guiding principle:

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” -John Muir

So…I am curious, can you step outside to discover what a little backcasting of your past year brings up for you, amidst this holiday hustle?

Is there something you planned to

start-finish-launch-let go

that needs just a little more time and space

in order to create a sense of


Are you clear on what you would give your time and attention to if:

a little space opened up in and around you?

If you are looking for support in visioning out your physical space, and desire for space, or would like a retreat designed for you and your team, or believe you could benefit from Birds Eye resources to support you in a self-guided process this winter, please be in touch. Also, see below for links to exciting cohort experiences offered through our local partner, Mountain BizWorks.

Tis the season.

Well wishes,


Annie Price