A place of contemplation, reflection, and connection.

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This image shares the vantage point from the Birds Eye office window. Yesterday this terrace served as a place of contemplation and connection for both a socially-driven local company and a mission-driven international non-profit organization.  To be able to provide a place for clients to be able to reconnect with themselves and the natural world is an honor and falls right in line with the with Birds Eye Adventures ethos of: Restoration, Reflection, Creativity, and Connection. It doesn’t have to be a grand investment in a full retreat.  All four of these realms can be experienced in a morning or an afternoon. We are excited to offer opportunities for entrepreneurs and their core leadership teams to engage in practices that will generate aligned courses of action that help them reach their short and long term goals. More profit. Less stress. More fun. Less angst. More connection. Less isolation.  More love. Less fear.

Annie Price