I am curious what it means to put your whole heart into something?  

When aspiring entrepreneurs begin a Foundations course, one of the first things that they assess is their level of commitment to this concept.  Is it worthy of the investment of their own precious resources of time and money to bring this concept into fruition? And then, is it worthy of the investment of other people’s precious resources of time and money to help bring this concept into fruition? Because truthfully,  if your heart isn’t in it out of the gate, your future market could have a remarkable ability to sniff out imposters. I know you know the feeling of walking into a soulless business or tasting a soulless product.  (And yes, lots of people make lots of money off of utter crap but they aren’t Birds Eye clients or friends and is not who I am writing to). My main point is, rarely do I see a business make it beyond the first few years without passion being a key ingredient in the original recipe. They can only BS themselves and the market for so long.  And yes, passion is not the only ingredient to success in business. Some of the other most common core ingredients I encounter in these successful and soulful ventures are: bravery, creativity, strength, agility, humor, and humility. And at the heart of many of these ventures, is an entrepreneur who has had their own hero or heroine’s journey and is committed to the leaving and the return.  The passion waxes and wanes along the way, but if it is not there out of the gate it is much harder to regenerate later on.

So, on this Valentine’s Day I am curious when was the last time you felt like you put your whole heart in. What happened as a result?  What did that experience teach you that you can apply to all that is competing for your precious resources on this day?

I write this with buckets of respect love for all of you who are leaning into your own heart and navigating from this edge.. I know it can be “brutiful” but I see it play out as worth it time and time again, in my own business, and countless others.



Annie Price