Taking a Leap


Today is the day that we recalibrate with the offering of an extra day. Leap day is making up for the accumulation of the incremental misalignments between the calendar and the natural world.  And the very name, Leap Year, is one that makes folks like me feel a buzz of excitement and possibility. Although we are known for our business “planning” the truth is that all of our clients who have achieved a level of success that feels deeply satisfying have had to take a series of leaps along the way.  There are folks who works with us that we see facing “analysis paralysis” thinking that the more they research, the more they ruminate about it, the more they prepare, the less chance they have of failure. And yet, what we often see is that failure loves this pathway of decline: decline in momentum, decline in response from others (remember the little boy crying wolf), and decline in chances that your great idea won’t be snatched up by someone else with more capital and bandwidth.

And so today, in honor of this leap day that only comes around once every four years,  I am curious if you are feeling the cumulative effects (maybe four years worth?) of incremental misalignment between where you are and where you want to be?  Is there a leap you can take in order to get realigned or get a little closer to bringing one of your dreams into action? Is there a phone call you can make that you know might hold some valuable insight if you made the time for it? Is there a class you have been wanting to sign up for to build your skills so you can quit your other gig? (We do still have a few seats open in our upcoming March classes). Is there a vacation you know you must book if you want to be able to even think about these types of things? I took the leap pictured above yesterday up at Max Patch with a dear friend and colleague in honor of all of the leaps she and I are taking individually and together this year.  Have fun thinking about this in relation to yourself and then replace one of your today’s to-dos with a leap. And remember to name what it is in honor/pursuit of: faith, heart, happiness, health, freedom, time…

Annie Price